The Name.

Body By Nutrition LLC

Well it is official! If you have been following along with me at all recently, you know that I recently became an official business owner of Body By Nutrition LLC.

So what is it that I am doing? 

Well, currently I am working with clients online with beginning running programs, as well as some personal training. My goal is to continue to expand and offer a variety of coaching services as I go on and become more qualified. I am currently working on becoming Precision Nutrition Level 1 certified and I am looking at other specialties to work on after completing that certification.

However, the purpose of this post is to explain the name, Body By Nutrition.

I understand that this can be a bit confusing as I am a Personal Trainer and not a Dietitian. However, I named the business after my own experiences.

My whole life I have been pretty active with the exception of the college years. I was always doing some form of sport if not multiple sports.

It wasn’t until I went to college where my activity level diminished and the weight packed on. All throughout college, I attempted every exercise program out there. Working my tail off and then giving up because I never got the results I wanted. 

It wasn’t until post-college where I learned that no amount of activity will make up for a bad diet. Sure, there are those people who workout all day long, and eat whatever they want and seem perfect on the outside. However, there is such a thing as skinny fat and a bad diet can lead to more serious health complications other than some extra body weight.






May 2015, May 2016

So the quest of nutrition knowledge began and once results started to show, and my activity level stayed the same, I was shocked. It really is the 80/20 rule. Many people believe that you need to take up running or a vegan lifestyle to lose the weight that I did. I am here to tell you that I did not become a vegan nor a runner until AFTER I reached my goal weight. My honest to god results came from moderate exercise like walking or 30-45 mins at the gym and LOT and LOTS of clean eating leading to what is now call Body By Nutrition!

I do not claim to be a nutrition expert, but it is a passion of mine and I fully believe that once you get your diet in check, the rest will follow.

Right now I am working in the fitness realm of lifestyle changes, maybe one day I will hit that nutrition expert level, but not yet. I love helping others find a active lifestyle in anyway they want to do it. I do want to stress that what may work for me, is NOT going to work for everyone. You have to find what’s best for your body, your family, your life in order to find the success you are looking for.

It’s not at all easy but it is so rewarding! I am happy to assist anyone who is interested in kick starting their new lifestyle.

Click on the fitness programs tab and see what programs I currently offer. If you have a special request want a pricing for individualized sessions without committing to a month, email me at

My body was built with proper nutrition and moderate exercise and I would love to help you find the balance in your life.

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