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Why I don’t hate on the cliche fitness post.

We all see them. Your friend from high school that did 1,000 push-ups and posted a video. The girl at work who can twist her body in every which way while doing yoga and puts it all over Instagram, or my personal favorite the “I worked out today but not going to for the rest of the week” post. 

We all do it, including myself.

Some of you guys have seen mine and Drew’s acroyoga post on my Instagram. I’ll be honest and say, Drew and I have never taken an acroyoga class but we posted like we have. We honestly just looked up YouTube videos and attempted multiple poses trial and error style. Frauds you may call us, but I call us strong. What you don’t realize is those countless falls, pain, and successes help us grow as a couple. We roll over in laughter when we make a mistake, and check to see if either of us are okay when we are hurt. Hey, we aren’t professionals. Never claimed to be, but this keeps us off the couch enjoy the time spent together.

Now I know these post are annoying at times. Sometimes boastful. But I can honestly say I LOVE SEEING YOUR FITNESS POSTS! Even if it was one day out of six months. You got your ass off that couch for a whole hour and worked your body. And you know what, even if you aren’t a regular; that post encourages me and motivates me to get MY ass off the couch. 

So go ahead and post that you ran a half mile today. Be proud, you made an effort to get active. 

What I don’t like seeing or hearing are others putting that person who typically never works out down for posting it on social media. Or even that person who ALWAYS post active posts. Why are you discouraging them? Maybe they posted that for support, maybe that mile was the first mile they’ve ever run, and maybe that post was the first day of their weight loss journey. You have no idea what’s going on in their life, and when you put that person down you’re essentially telling that person “you’re not good enough to be active.” 

When you discourage others from fitness, you discouraged them from health.

Throughout my journey I have had many people ask me what I did for workouts. Many times I just tell them what I did. I did some running, walking, and light strength training. HOWEVER, that is what I enjoy doing. I tried yoga this summer, and although I had a good time while I was doing it, it really just isn’t my thing. I still do it but I am not crazy about it. That’s okay! I have a friend who really loves HIIT workouts and strength training, but isn’t wild about running. That’s okay! Whatever you enjoy doing, do it! We aren’t all going to love the same thing, and just because I worked out one way and lost weight doesn’t mean you have to do the same exact thing I did.

The point is, we need to encourage others to find what activity is their favorite and help them get better. Not tear them down because they only work out here and there. Motivate them, tell them you love their post. Hey, maybe your comment gets them off the couch tomorrow and they post a second picture of them at the gym. They just got active because they were positively encouraged to do it again and that is amazing!

I loved when I was in my half marathon training group because it was a large group of us and our trainer encouraged us to post our runs on our Facebook page. Everyone was encouraging, praising good runs, applauding me when I did the homework, and lending out a helping hand when I didn’t have such a good day. Because of the positive support, I was able to push through those days I didn’t feel like training and actually get it done. I became a better runner because of the nice words.  AND…when everyone in the run group was posting their workouts, I just couldn’t be the slacker.

I don’t care who you are, we all love encouraging words. So let’s spread it! I challenge you to comment on the next fitness post you see online to say “Great Job!” to that person. Who knows, you may make their whole day. You may even see them post again tomorrow with a new workout! Together we can get fit, together this obesity crisis can end. One positive comment at a time!

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I want to thank my friends pictured above for always being my workout partners! Sometimes you really just need a group of friends who encourage you to get active, even meeting me at the butt crack of dawn to get a work out in! Thanks girls! Thanks for braving the bugs and the heat with me!

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